Form Arcosanti 2016

Live Music

I have been sitting on this draft for the past week trying to figure out how I should write about this life changing weekend. As I sit here listening to Dan Deacon’s “Woof Woof” I have decided to scrap everything and make this simple.

Stopping to enjoy the moment, having conversations with strangers, hearing the most beautiful music, I was left speechless in most everything I did at Form.

I gave this project everything I had and I hope these pictures show you how much this weekend meant to me and so many others. Thank you to everyone for making Form 2016 such a beautiful experience.



I was unable to catch everyone, but I will list my favorite performances and experiences below in no particular order:

  1. Moses Sumney
    Savvy, sexy, sultry, Moses Sumney is always on point.
  2. Perfume Genius
    Mike Hadreas wore his heart on his sleeve, while he serenaded the audience with his intimately chilling music. 210bwfinalperfumegenius_14perfumegenius_5
  3. Dan Deacon
    When Dan Deacon performs it goes past playing music, it becomes a spectacle of spontaneous dance contests, massive conga lines, and comic beats streaming at high velocities into your heart. 196195DanDeacon_3NightAtmosphere2_2
  4. Alexa Meade
    Alexa moved throughout the vaults finding different lighting and settings in which to paint on her subject. Each stroke given with such grace and intent, it was truly a privilege to see her work.205bwfinalLiveArtFinal_2
  5. Zach Anner
    Zach Anner is one of the most insightful, kind, and humorous individuals on planet earth. Born with cerebral palsy (“the sexiest of all the palsies”), Anner managed to turn a debilitating disease into a triumphant tale of self worth and success.
  6. NeuehouseSpeakers_3AtmosphereNight_11
  7. Autre Ne Veut
    Emotion oozed from their set.AutreNeVeut_12AutreNeVeut_1
  8. Saul Williams / Jon Boogz
    Both performed short sets, but ended up being some of the most powerful performces of the weekend. 193SaulWilliam6769
  9. Elestial Sound Stage / Local Natives
    Elestial could not have built a more beautiful stage to house the late night acts. Local Natives stole our hearts as they led an intimate sing along not soon forgotten. Atmosphere1_7233232
  10. Hundred Waters
    Hundred Waters, (especially Zach!), have been major supporters of my work for the past year and I could not have been more thrilled when Zach asked me to come document the weekend. This festival and their music have inspired me to better my craft and pursue bigger dreams. I will never know how to pay them back for everything, but let these pictures be a testament to how much I respect these beautiful humans. 9bw11bwAtmosphere3200bwfinal
  11. The People
    Everyone who attended made this festival such an amazing experience. I had so many memorable conversations and special moments throughout the weekend. 204bwfinalLifestyle2_5208bwfinal178bwfinal192bwfinal194bwfinal206bwfinal168VolunteersSunset1NightAtmosphere189189bwfinal192Atmospeheredaytime_5186bwfinal196bwfinalatmospherenight_2 (2)Burt1_3ArtInstall2_1AtmosphereLateAfternoon_11


All pictures are copyright by Ian Clontz / Historia Photography LLC & Form 2016



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